Swedish-Polish Sustainable Energy Platform

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The main purpose is to build a platform for dissemination and leverage of existing knowledge on sustainable energy, and to establish a framework for strong bilateral contacts between Sweden and Poland.

Representatives of relevant authorities, academia, media and private industries are to be involved to share views and experiences on policy options, research findings, new technologies and the latest practical experiences, in the area of renewable energy and energy efficiency.

The key goals of the platform are as follows:

  • Promote sustainable energy technologies (renewable energy technologies and energy efficiency)
  • Support compliance with the European Union climate and energy package.
  • Follow developments on alternative clean technologies.
  • Link together diverse Polish and Swedish sustainable energy activities.

In terms of outcomes, the Swedish-Polish Sustainable Energy Platform will serve as a framework for bilateral contacts in the field of sustainable energy systems. The desired outcomes are to expand the transfer and use of knowledge in both countries, to mediate environmental degradation and climate change, to enhance the security of energy supply, and to maintain energy affordability.